Are You Feeling Stuck?

Are You Feeling Stuck?

By: Jones Chiropractic Clinic

One of the most challenging things in your body when you are feeling it struggle - are the emotions attached.

One of those feelings is the feeling of being STUCK.

Like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.  The same day, over and over again.

The same alarm clock, the same responsibilities, the same people and places and things.  Real life isn't like the movies, but pain and dysfunction can capture your attention.

And demand your focus, in a way that you sometimes may not feel like you can focus on anything else.

When pain captures your focus like a tractor beam, everything else can fade into the background.

And then your life can feel like a never-ending C-list holiday.

If you want to get unstuck, you need to bring more MOVEMENT into your life.  And not just any movement - but new movement.

Consider that if you are feeling stuck - like you aren't progressing, your body is stuck in neutral - that you need new input into your brain.

It's been hearing the same alarm clock all day every day, and what it takes to snap out of it may be a new signal coming in.

And when it comes to your brain, that is the type of signal that it pays attention to most - new, attention getting signals.

And when it comes to movement, that is the type of signal that travels across the biggest, most powerful nerves in your body - like traveling across a superhighway compared to a back road.

Just like a too-early morning, your brain will 'tune out' constant signals.

That is its way of not being overwhelmed by the huge amount of sensory input you take in every second of every day.

But the one exception to this… is pain.

Pain has a way of traveling into your brain and making itself known, no matter how regular it is.  It slowly trickles in on the smallest of nerves, the ones that travel the slowest - but it has a way of not being ignored.  Or ignorable.

So, allow something new into your life - better movement.

And when it comes to supplying you with a new way to move that's almost impossible to access on your own - it is tough to beat chiropractic.

So, if you are feeling STUCK, remember that new movement from your body is what puts something new feeling into your brain.

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