Johnson City Chiropractic for Ringing in Ears

The American Tinnitus Association defines tinnitus as an ear defect whereby, the ear perceives sound even when there is no noise. The sounds that a defective ear perceives ranges from hissing, clicking, whistling and also buzzing. Even though, there is no proof of what causes tinnitus, mostly it is attributed to hearing loss. Roughly fifteen percent of Americans are believed to suffer from different forms of tinnitus.

In the past, tinnitus was treated mostly with the change of diet and lifestyle. The use of antidepressants and also the use of hearing aids have been tried. Nowadays, chiropractic practices get emphasized. Chiropractic in Johnson City has been found to help with symptoms of tinnitus. Studies have shown improvement in hearing after several visits to a chiropractor. In 2002 a study revealed an improvement and great resolution of the symptoms of tinnitus in a forty-one-year-old woman. The woman visited a chiropractor for only nine times.

In March 2012, a man, aged fifty-two got diagnosed with Meniere’s disease. The man still exhibited, symptoms of tinnitus. He experienced fullness in the left ear, dizziness, tension headaches among other muscular and skeletal complications. After several weeks of visits to a chiropractor, the immensity of the tinnitus symptoms had reduced. Actually, at the fifth week of treatment, his response to treatment was above fifty percent. He also experienced less musculoskeletal pains.

In 2014, a female aged forty-six exhibited a positive response to treatment of neck pain, tinnitus, and hearing loss. She gets treated with cervical spinal manipulation, and the results are awesome. Before seeking a chiropractor, she had had eight months of unsuccessful medical treatment. After three adjustments with a chiropractor, her hearing and related symptoms had greatly improved. In four months time, the female had already received twelve treatments. When she was asked to rate her current state, she admitted that her hearing and sensational fullness in the ear hand improved. The adjustments at a chiropractor made her audiogram return to normal.

Chiropractic Care for Tinnitus

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