Johnson City Chiropractor for a Herniated Disc

Discs are ligaments that are connected to the upper and lower part of every vertebra. These discs help in shock absorption. They enhance the pliability of the spine. Spinal discs also act as a pivot to help in the movement of the vertebrae.

Disc Problems

A lump in the discs leads to tears in the fibers of the fibrosis. The tears can cause pain but not for long.

A disc protrusion, which is also known as ‘herniation’, can cause severe tearing of the fibers after the nucleus penetrates. This projection leads to pain. It can even lead to a constriction of the nerves. If the projection is too severe, it can lead to the spinal cord being compressed too.

Degenerative disc disorder is a disc problem that mostly affects adults. The disease transpires after the disc nucleus loses water. A few tears are then developed. Osteophytes are then formed at the edges of the vertebra. The space of the disc then slims. Another cause of degenerative disc disease is trauma.

Signs & Symptoms

1. Leg pain

2. Arm pain

3. Stiffness

4. Spinal muscles become tender.

Treatment of Disc Problems

Cold and heat are both effective when controlling pain from a back injury. A Johnson City chiropractor will offer help to establish the best method for you among the two. Additionally, they will make sure that your body is back to its normal state and able to move again. If you want to attain results that are long lasting, you should avoid staying in bed for long. Do not sooth the back.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic adjustments of the spine can also helpful. It has been proven to be safe and also effective. This care becomes even more effective when therapeutic exercise is also administered together with the spine manipulation. The surgeries on the spine and injections are not required to manage the disc problems. They can actually lead to more severe issues. A good chiropractic doctor will advise you on the treatment that is best for you.

Lastly, regular exercises help to add more strength to the back. However, being fit will not prevent you from injuries. There are activities and postures that can actually cause musculoskeletal disorders and problems to your discs. Therefore, your fitness does not matter. You are supposed to make sure that you are at the right posture when you sit, work, stand or exercise. As you lift objects, ensure you use the right techniques as you bend the knees. The object should be near your body and the back should be straight. You are not supposed to lift any object when bending. This will only attract an injury on your back.

Chiropractor for Disc Degeneration

Chiropractor in Johnson City for disc degeneration