Can a Johnson City Chiropractor Help Whiplash?

Whiplash is a neck injury caused by the backward and forward movement of the neck. It is caused by the trauma. A trauma causes acute but a short-term pain in the neck and restricts neck movement.

How chiropractic doctor in Johnson City can treat the elderly whiplash patient?

The chiropractic doctor examines the entire sine of the whiplash patient that is affected not only the neck.

How a chiropractic doctor diagnoses a whiplash injury?

A Johnson City chiropractic doctor evaluates the spine as a whole whether the patient is complaining of acute neck pain due to trauma. He has to examine the entire region of the spine because it may be affected as well.

He identifies parts of the restricted joint movement, muscle spasm, intervertebral disc injury and ligament injury. The chiropractor uses a technique known as static plantation and is a diagnosis injury technique which involves touching. He feels tightness, how well are your movements of the spinal joints and tenderness.

He analyses the way you walk, you standing posture as well as your spinal adjustment. All the information assists him/she in understanding the body’s mechanics and how the spine operates as well as helping in the diagnosis process.

Evaluation not only enough to him, but also he /she can order for an x-ray or the MRI of the spine to evaluate degenerative changes which could have existed there before the whiplash injury. Images of diagnoses, the result of the neurological and physical evaluation are used to develop the perfect treatment plan.

What are the chiropractic treatments for the whiplash?

The plan of the treatment mostly depends on the whiplash injury. The obvious chiropractic method is spinal manipulation. The most commonly used methods of spinal manipulation are;

Flexion Distraction

This is hands-on method. It is a non-thrusting and gentle type of the spinal manipulation mainly to aid treats herniated discs whether there is pain or not. The whiplash injury may have herniated the disc or aggravated bulging. The chiropractor uses pumping action to the discs rather than using direct force to spine.

The Instrument-assisted Adjustment

This is also a non-thrusting method that chiropractor mostly uses. He uses a specialized instrument held in the hard. He applies some without thrusting the spine. It is mostly used for the older people who have the degenerative joint syndrome.

The specific spinal adjustment

In this technique, the chiropractor identifies where the spinal joints are restricted or showing the abnormal movement. By utilizing this method she/he restores the movement to the joint with a simple thrusting method. This gentle thrusting of the joint stretches the soft tissue as it stimulates the nervous system and restores the movement to the spine. On top of spinal manipulation, the chiropractor may opt to use manual therapy when treating injured soft tissue.

There are other methods like resistance techniques and manual joint stretching. This is an example of manual therapy on the joints.(Muscle energy therapy)

Trigger point therapy

The chiropractor can identify a particular hypertonic or a painful joint of the muscle by Appling direct pressure on the specific joints to relieve the muscle tension. He may opt to use the other therapies to aid decrease the inflammation due to whiplash.

What is the example of the other therapies used by the chiropractor?

Interferential electrical simulation: this method uses low frequency of the electrical current to aid in assisting muscle stimulation that can decrease the inflammation.

Ultrasound: when blood circulation increases, ultrasound helps in decreasing stiffness muscle spasms and pain in the does this through sending sound waves deeply into the muscle tissue. This, in turn, creates heat which increases blood circulation.

How Johnson City chiropractors help in treating the whiplash?

First, a Johnson City chiropractor access the whole body, not only the painful parts. They uniquely check neck pain of an individual patient. So they do not focus on the neck pain. They concentrate on presentations as the key the long-term health. On top of that these treatments, the chiropractor can prescribe therapeutic exercise to help in restoring the normal movement in the spine and minimize whiplash symptoms.

If you use these chiropractic techniques, the chiropractor will aid you to increase your daily task. He/she will put a lot of effort to solve any mechanical issue (movement of the spine) or neurological (this is nerve related) causes of the whiplash.

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